What are the pieces made out of?

  • A combination of joint compound and/or acrylic paint.

Are the pieces heavy?

  • No, they are not heavy. The material is generally lightweight. Our larger pieces are heavy, just due to the size of the canvas.

How should I care for my piece(s)?

  • Please do not bend or push the back of the canvas as this may cause your art to crack.
  • Do not get the artwork wet or place in direct sunlight for long periods of time.
  • Do not place the artwork face down as it will damage the texture.
  • Before mounting your unique piece, I recommend you lay your art facing up on a sturdy surface to avoid it from falling and getting damaged.

Do you make custom artwork?

  • I do make custom artwork, please review the Commission Request page for more information.

Why does my piece not look like the inspiration painting/picture?

  • All attempts will be made to ensure you love you your new artwork. Please remember, I pride myself on creating unique textured and acrylic art pieces. Due to the materials used and the style of art they are not designed to be perfect or symmetrical. I will do might best to get as close to the inspiration painting/picture as possible.

    What is your return policy?