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Lee In Cerulean

Artist Planner

Artist Planner

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Have you noticed that it's kind of hard to find a planner tailored specifically to artists?

Well here it is!!

This listing is for a 2023 digital printable planner (a planner that you print out) made to help you succeed at your artist goals, motivating and inspiring you to draw. I made this planner for myself and found it so helpful, I thought others would like it too!

The size is 8.5x11", but you can easily adjust the print size for your printer to make it fit other sizes.

Here is what's included:
- 20 planner pages
- Inspirational quotes pages
- Commission request sheet
- Monthly budget
- Goal trackers
- Art supply inventory
- To do list
- Monthly overview
- Full undated monthly calendar
- Weekly calendar
- Daily calendar
- Notes pages
- Sketching pages
- Order tracker
- Habit tracker

Feel free to print and reprint, reorganize, and move around whatever you have to, in order to make this planner work best for you!

If you have any questions, please feel free to message me! I know this is really going to help you get organized and stay on track with your artsy projects!
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